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Size Guide

Our caps have been designed with an adjustable snapback fixing, please keep in mind that all head shapes are different.

  • Youth Caps are approximately 53cm and will fit most kids from 4 to 10+ years.

  • Adult Caps are approximately 58cm and will fit most adults.


Our Australian Design Registered detachable chin strap has an adjustable toggle to keep the cap in place on younger kids.  The safety break-away clip ensures quick release of the chin strap if needed.

For bigger kids, the strap can be secured behind your head, fix the clip to your rashie or wetsuit to ensure you won’t lose your cap in the wind or surf again! 

Or completely remove the chin strap if not needed!

WARNING:  Not suitable for children under 3 years of age as small parts and chin strap could present a choking hazard.  Remove all tags and packaging before giving to a child.

Care Instructions

A guide to keeping your water loving hat in top shape.

AquaCaps are made from durable polyester fabric however it is important that they are looked after like any garment you wish to keep for a long time.  Here are a few tips:

  • AquaCaps unique, waterproof construction may feel a little stiff at first but once shaped and worn in the water several times your cap will soften

  • Always rinse your cap in fresh water after exposure to salt water or chlorine

  • Avoid excessive chlorine as high degrees of any chemical will result in bleaching of the colour and will destroy the fabric and garment stitching over time

  • Avoid contact with sunscreen as this can cause staining

  • Dry in the shade when possible as damaging rays of the sun will deteriorate the fabric faster

  • Carefully remove any trapped sand by hand.

Children should ALWAYS be supervised by an adult when around water and be sun smart, always use sunscreen when wearing your cap.

We hope you have an awesome time on land and in the water while wearing your AquaCap!

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