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AquaCaps is Australian owned
and operated by a local Aussie mum. 

Watching my kids play in the water all day during a hot Australian summer I knew they should be wearing a cap to keep the sun off their face and glare out of their eyes. 

When their ordinary truckers got wet they became water logged and were
soggy for days.

I designed a cap to be worn at the beach,
on the sand and in the surf. 

It floats, is quick-dry and can be clipped to your rashie or wetsuit so you can enjoy the beach while keeping the UV rays
off your face and out of your eyes.

AquaCaps is water resistant and
chlorine resistant so it can be worn
in the pool too, so the fun isn’t just at the beach… just rinse in fresh water after use.

No more soggy caps!

Australian Design Registered

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